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Alex Donaldson

Sohar provides $15m of funding for Omani Al Hadeetha copper-gold mining joint venture

The money will be used to finance the completion of the project, which will be commissioned in September 2023.

Platinum price grows due to infrastructure issues in South Africa

Power outages and transport strikes have hindered platinum mining in the world’s biggest producer.

Stellantis and Alliance Nickel agree nickel and cobalt supply deal

The global car manufacturer will receive 40% of the output from the Australian miner’s new NiWest plant over a five-year period.

Canadian authorities to investigate Suncor after wildlife deaths in tailings pond

43 birds, amongst other wildlife, were found dead in the tailings pond, ; Suncor say their deaths were not recent.

Nickel Asia Corp announces two new mines in Philippines

The largest miner in the world’s second-largest nickel producing country announces investment after a year of contractions.

Chile to nationalise lithium industry; Codelco to organise

President Gabriel Boric stressed that future lithium projects in the country will require state-assent and control.

India’s state-owned miner investigating lithium deposits in Australia

In order to meet the rising demand for electric vehicles, India is investing heavily in lithium.

Tin price spikes ahead of halt to mining in Myanmar

The self-governing Wa State region will announce that from August, all tin operations will halt in order to preserve future stocks.

University of New South Wales unveils new research to prevent tailings dams disasters

UNSW research has reassessed how miners test the strength of their dams and stresses the impact earthquakes have on the structures.