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Florence is a staff writer across energy titles and a graduate of MLitt Global Social and Political Thought.

Florence Jones

Illegal gold miners fatally shot in Brazilian indigenous territory

The mine was ambushed by the authorities following an attack on indigenous communities, allegedly by miners.

Cyclic Materials raises $27m for critical mineral recycling

The Canada-based metal recycling company is looking to develop circular economy models for critical minerals used in electrification, renewable technologies and electric vehicles.

Data: Argentine lithium exports grew by 235% in 2022

Lithium exports in Argentina grew by 235% in 2022, when compared with the year before, as the country competes in the race for “white gold”.

Sumitomo Metal Mining backs Teck business separation

Sumitomo Metal Mining has backed Teck’s spin-off plan to separate the steelmaking and metal mining elements of the business.

Investigation claims Serabi Gold mining disputed land in Amazon rainforest

An investigation has found that UK-based Serabi Gold has been operating on land disputed between government authorities, “land grabbers” and local communities.

Biden updates IRA tax credits for electric vehicles

The number of car manufacturers which will qualify for clean vehicle credits under Biden’s IRA has reduced as requirements tighten.

UK House of Lords proposes national ban on opening coal mines

The UK parliament’s House of Lords has called for a ban on the opening and licensing of new coal mines, despite the government’s recent decision to open a new coal mine.

Brazil’s Indigenous affairs minister calls for penalties for those supporting the illegal gold trade

Sonia Guajajara, Brazil’s Indigenous affairs minister, has called for penalties for importing countries and companies that are supporting the illegal gold trade, amid a government crackdown.

Mexican parliament begins discussions on the overhaul of national mining laws

The Mexican lower chamber has opened discussions on proposed changes to mining laws, which have been criticised by industry figures.

Chile’s mining minister expects copper production rebound

Chile’s mining minister predicts that copper production will see an upturn in the country following a “rut”.