Modern mining is adopting advanced sensor-based technologies to enhance operational safety and efficiency and optimise mine productivity. Sensors are used in each step of the mining operation, from mine exploration, surveying, and underground mapping, to ore extraction, sorting, and mineral processing.

Mine operators also rely on sensors and detection equipment to monitor the condition of mining infrastructure, the environment and equipment, as well as avoid downtimes and operational hazards. Sensor-based technologies are indispensable in remote and automated mining applications.

Finding suppliers of sensor-based detection and monitoring systems for mining

Mining Technology has listed leading suppliers of sensor-based detection and monitoring equipment and solutions for mining applications, based on its experience in the sector.

The list includes suppliers of a comprehensive range of sensor and monitoring systems, including gas and smoke detectors, temperature sensor remote monitoring systems, as well as sensors used as part of mineral processing technology to maximise recovery.

The information contained within the download is useful for mine operations managers, quality control supervisors, mine health and safety officials, ore processing and metallurgical consultants, mining fleet and plant managers, mineral processing engineers, and individuals involved in mine operations and process enhancement.

The download contains detailed information on specialists in sensor-based detection and monitoring solutions for mining and their product and service lines, alongside contact details.

Sensors and monitoring systems for mining applications

Sensor-based detection and monitoring solutions for the mining industry include:

  • Sensors to measure and monitor airflow and pressure in mine shafts
  • Temperature sensor remote monitoring systems
  • Gas and smoke detectors
  • Level measurement sensors and vibrating wire sensors to monitor underground mine stability
  • Magnetic susceptibility meters and spectrometers for detecting wear and tear in mining machinery
  • Sensor-based technologies to detect and analyse minerals in the exploration field
  • Sensor-based ore sorting equipment and technologies
  • Radar sensor for bulk solids processing
  • Sensors to detect and measure mineral concentrations in different stages of ore processing
  • Real-time mine monitoring software solutions